Are You Considering Home Health Care?

What points do you need to consider for the best home health care?

When life changes due to an illness, accident or aging, it can be difficult to maintain one’s independence and personal care as you once did. Help with errands, doctor’s appointments, personal care, medication reminders, meal preparation, laundry, housekeeping and more are just a few of the needs. Home health care can relieve much of the stress you and your loved one may be experiencing.

Care provided by a qualified, professional and loving home care agency is an ideal option for many families and can bring back the joy in family life. Home care is a service designed to provide just the right amount and type of care needed for your specific needs.

There are many agencies available to deliver services in the home; however, not all are the same. That is why we have this blog to help you in your decision.

Please take 10 minutes to review the essential elements that make up a good home care agency.

home health care

Home health care.

We hope you find it helpful.

Free in-home assessment with an experienced professional

It is important that your initial in-home assessment is provided by an experienced professional. This professional ensures your issues, personal needs and desires are discussed thoroughly.

Home health care … caregiver screening

When you hire a professional home care agency, you expect to receive quality care provided by a compassionate, empathetic and caring person. The real question; how do you make sure this will occur?

Wood Private Home Care screens caregivers for experience, skill, and personality. To ensure caregivers are reliable and honest, extensive background checks, are performed on all new hires.


Caregiver experience

The very best agencies hire only experienced caregivers. To make sure your needs are met, Wood Private Home Care employs caregivers who have experience and are seasoned in attending to the needs of care recipients.

Caregiver code of conduct training

Insist on an agency that incorporates training that focuses on core values such as attitude, character, and respect. We have the training program developed to enhance caregivers’ skills in areas of social and client interaction. We are proud to offer this training to their staff.

Regular staff communication

For peace of mind, you need an agency that has a process to keep you informed. Wood Private Home Care caregivers keep careful notes of each visit in your home to provide a quick snapshot of their activities and are always available for review. They always do a thorough handoff to the next caregiver. Our staff is also trained to alert family members regarding any changes or concerns regarding the client, in addition to responding to customers’ or family members’ concerns.

Full range of services

Everyone’s needs are different. Choose a homecare agency that can provide services for all your personal and unique needs. We provide all levels of service from errands, shopping, light housekeeping to hygiene assistance, medication reminders, and more.

24-Hour seven days a week availability

The time of day you need help can vary from the middle of the night to very early in the morning, so make sure the agency can accommodate you any hour you need them. Wood Private Home Care is available, mornings, nights, weekends, holidays, temporary or long term.

Know the difference between an agency versus registry

There are two types of home care companies; one is a record that finds a person for you to hire. In this situation, you are the employer and responsible for Workman’s Compensation, unemployment and other State and Federal taxes.

To avoid being responsible for charges, and the risk of a strong Workers Compensation claim, only hire an agency (as is Wood Private Home Care) who provides you with caregivers that are associated with the organization and not working independently.

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